Quirky Way

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QW-001 Dream - third part
Lenght : 10min
QW-001 Dream - part 3
The Dream – third part

She’s listening at a door with thea sign “Headmaster’s office” and also “Do not disturb‘. Strange, why “do not disturb?” Why, and by who?
But... who is crying so loud inside? Should I knock on the door?
Knock knock, fast steps.... The door flies open and there stands the headmaster, his face red with anger...
“Can’t you wait, missy? We will discuss this later!”

The door closes, and again and again the same cries and screams. What’s going on there?
After a while, the door opens again, and her classmate leaves the room, with tears on her cheeks, with ruffled hair, and untidy clothes. And she can hardly talk.
Suddenly, the headmaster appears, grabs our girl by the ear, and drags her in.

The student is kneeling on the floor and begging. She doesn’t want to get spanked anymore.... She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make the headmaster change his mind... maybe she knows a way how to do it.... but she has never done it before... but maybe it will be better than the punishment.... and her hand is moving slowly towards his crotch....
She grabs his penis with her shaking hand, she tries her best, but she doesn’t know how...

He’s angry at the fact that she can’t please him, so he makes her sit on the table, tearing off her clothes... his hands are squeezing her breasts, penetrating into her panties.... and then she screams - she doesn’t want this....

“No? OK, so you will get 25 strokes!”

She doesn’t escape the punishment.... a heavy leather slipper is landing on her bare bottom, again and again... such pain and such shame. Her bottom is still sensitive after her aunt’s punishment, but this hurts much more!

And when she gets home.... again we can see her lying in her bed... and we can see the doctor was right... under the pillow, she’s hiding a huge anal dildo, which she’s now ramming into her ass....

“But uncle.... no, uncle, it hurts....”