Quirky Way

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QW-001 Dream - second part
Lenght : 14min
QW-001 Dream - part 2
The Dream – second part

Our girl is getting dressed, but we are sure her auntie won’t like it..... a thong and a thin halter top.... no, this won’t be good....
And the aunt bring the school uniform, together with the proper underwear that a decent young girl should wear.
She doesn’t like it, but she has to obey. And we can again observe her cute bare bottom and everything else, while she’s changing into the uniform, under her aunt’s supervision. She doesn’t like it, but her burning red bottom tells her that more protests are useless...

Another scene shows the girl entering a gynaecologist’s office. But where’s the female doctor that was here last time? This ugly old man sitting there in her place should see her naked? Sticking fingers where she was sticking them herself? No way!
But there’s no other way. All red with shame, she pulls down her panties and spreads her legs. And such a shame when the doctor notices her bottom, red after the spanking, commenting on it with ‚“You’ve been a bad girl..?”‘

And he also notices her swollen pussy and ass..... He’s asking what was she doing and convinces her that she has to show him how she was masturbating – and it’s so humiliating.
But the worst thing is the examination itself – his dry fat fingers are, despite her protests, painfully penetrating into her pussy and ass – and it hurts very much!
In the end, she gets a suppository, then a tampon – and that’s too much for her!

After that, she has to run to school quickly, so that she’s not too late...