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RGE-001-010 PACKAGE Digitaly Remastered
RGE-001 Rural Schoolmaster Digitaly Remastered
Yes, the fabulous Mr. Gurt as a village disciplinarian and his two girl inmates, sent to him to be re-educated. The old lustful man’s wrinkled hands on their innocent bodies; the spanking and beatings of his potent hands, wooden paddle, tawse, and finally even a cane.

The film “Rural Schoolmaster” brings an unreproducible atmosphere at the time of its inception and mainly, an absolutely natural acting talent of the main role, that is old Mr. Gurt, who only had the basic plot line at his disposal and most of his expressions and dialogues are the work of improvisation and the magic of the moment. This, together with the absolutely natural reactions of the punished girls, whose unfeigned shame when his shaking hands mercilessly press their breasts and then force their way into their private parts; the unfeigned disgrace and teary eyes and the following painful cries during the first beatings all add to the completely unique and realistic atmosphere, which completely engulfs the audience.

The sequence of individual punishments and practices – a spanking over extremely tight panties, painfully dug in deep into the crotch, shameful stripping, tawse beatings over pursed butts and thighs so that the flexible cane would get the final word – will not leave you at ease. And what about when the old man’s hands start to punish the girls private parts, then forcing her shaking hand to unzip the fly of his pants.

You can now see this collector’s rarity for the first time in the quality of camera recordings.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 27 min.
RGE-002 Reform School 1 Digitaly Remastered
Film “Reform School 1” is an exceptional film because it laid the foundation for all of the later series of our films from girls’ correctional institutes and reformatories. The fates of a new institutionalized inmate and her roommate, their naked bodies, beatings, screaming, and helplessness are a delight for every connoisseur of the genre.

Until this day, the rawness and stylish purity of film “Reform School 1” appeals to many viewers; the period of its creation adds a timeless charm to it. Shooting took place at a countryside estate, which – in its time – really functioned as a reformatory for a selected clientele and that atmosphere was transferred to the entire work.

The audience watches the arrival of a new inmate – a beautifully grown slim blonde girl, the heroine of film “Rural Schoolmaster”, who was sent to this reformatory for her behavior to be re-educated, far from civilization. Here she meets her roommate, a petite brunette with small pigtails, whose butt is full of bruises and weales after her stay here.

And that is what awaits our heroine as well. The first beating from the principal, a humiliating medical exam in an ancient doctor’s examination room by a lustful disciplinarian, with other belt spankings following, where tears are running down her face and her pleas do not help with anything. Both girls are naked and beaten to the sound of their screams with a cane, giving way to weales. As the private finale, the lustful disciplinarian takes the unhappy brunette to have some privacy.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 58 min
RGE-005 Reform School 2 Digitaly Remastered
The mother from film “The Neighbour”, where it was not enough for her daughter to be beaten by the neighbor, brings her petite blonde girl to the strict reformatory. We see how truly strict the institution is right at the beginning. The principal strips the thin inmate before our eyes and beats her with a cane as she kneels spread on a bed so much, that the girl only yells, begs, hysterically hiccups, and counts the endless blows. In the end, her butt and mainly her thighs are full of bluish-purple weales.

Our blonde heroine is terrified and rather lets herself be undressed by the called-upon educator, examined by his gloved hand, and under the pretense of disobedience, is beaten with a belt for the first time. And this is just the beginning.

All the girls are called into the common room in their institutional uniforms, stripped (for lovers of unshaven girls: the way it used to be at that time; here awaits one beautiful brunette with pigtails and an unshaven crotch), and all spanked by the hands of their caregivers. The sight of three butts being beaten at the same time is captivating. That is just an introduction to the transfer to the attic punishment room. The new blonde is first bireched as she lies naked on her back with her knees by her head. She screams and squirms during the act so much that the birch rod hits her butt and pussy, so that, in the end, she is bound to a bench and her behind is birched without the option of resistance.

Subsequently, the other girls are stripped as well. One after another, they come forward, are bound and beaten with a cane until weales appear on their butts and the room is full of screams. However, the finale is reserved for our small blonde heroine. The principal thinks that her punishment was not adequate enough, so she is again bound to a bench, and the executor exchanges his cane for a new one. Using this totally brutal tool, an inch thick rigid cane from dark rattan, the poor wretch’s butt is caned as she squirms in her cuffs on the bench so much that it swells and is full of weales. The screams of the unfortunate punished girl will resonate in your ears even when the principal calls them to her office and leads one of the beaten inmates to a private lesson.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 50 min.
RGE-010 Wild Party 1 Digitaly Remastered
The first episode of the series, Wild Party, was an absolutely ground-breaking movie in the history of the spanking film, and, although it was shot almost fifteen years ago, it is still one of the absolute bestsellers. The unique absolute realistic nature and natural character of all performances, and mainly the uncompromising, absolutely realistic canings and reactions of punished girls was something totally unprecedented at that time, both due to its authenticity and mainly due to its intensity, and this work has not been beaten so far thanks to its absolutely realistic atmosphere.

In the first episode, you can watch a group of high-spirited girls having a party at the place of one of their friends, whose parents have gone for a weekend. Fifteen years later, it is fantastic to watch the girls wearing the clothes of that time, and to see the unusual hairstyles or unshaved private parts.
When the fairly tipsy girls discover an old wardrobe in the flat, containing numerous costumes, they start uncovering and changing their clothes in front of the viewers, later experiencing their first lesbian more or less bashful kisses and petting at a bottle or while dancing, which is interrupted by the arrival of a father of one of the girls. Under threat of a phone call to the girl´s parents, they agree to caning, without having an idea what is awaiting them … Naked, one after another have to bend over a table, and the uncompromising caning follows, leaving their bottoms purple and swollen – and red tearful eyes. In the end, the movie daughter is spanked with a paddle. Watching this movie in the maximum resolution in a digital form after the long fifteen years will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

All of the three episodes are linked by the executor, who is always played by the same actor and – a detail, which has not been mentioned so far – the same cane, which was used in all of these movies. By the way, the cane is a gift from our loyal customer, and was imported from Saudi Arabia, it is very lithe but still very hard, it has a cast handle for better balance and it is really an uncompromising caning tool.

All of these movies, as stated above, have been digitally remastered and released in the maximum quality. Regarding the age of the movies and incomplete archives, unfortunately, we have no trailers for movies Wild Party 1 and 2 in that quality, and we have no hi-res photos for Wild Party 1.

Dear customers, on the basis of your wishes, we proudly offer you the restored, digitally remastered movies Wild Party 1 – 3 in the original maximum resolution, and an absolutely clear and sharp digital picture, for a fraction of the price of the original works.

Length 45 min.

RGE-003 Cane on Nail Digitaly Remastered
The ground-breaking work “Cane on Nail” (the film was shot in May 1998, 16 years ago) will captivate you with an incredibly realistic view on the suffering of a petite fragile girl, punished by her father for her sins. The hand, strap, and cane beatings will engulf you and close-ups of the girl’s face with the trickling tears and mouth twisted in fear or pain, and not only in those places, will evoke in you the strongest of emotions in a way that the trembling, sensitive, and frightened girl carries to the screen.

We find our tiny fragile heroine in an unenviable situation. Every Friday evening she adds up the marks that her ruthless father carefully records on a chart for each misdemeanour, so that he could settle the account on Friday – every mark means one hit with the flexible cane that hangs on the wall beside the chart for everyone to see. This week there are more than twenty-five. However, before the final account is settled, we see the events of the week in retrospect, where the father drags the crying girl home by the ear from the street, bends her over his knee, and first pays her with a strong hand across her cotton panties. Then, after pulling them down and unbuckling his belt, he beats her butt with his belt even after her pleading and lamentations. And after the beating, off to the corner to kneel … Obviously, this is not included in Friday’s punishment. We are back to Friday evening and we see how the girl brings her father the cane, how she whispers the number of hits she is to get, how her father sends her, naked, to pee (so it would not end up like last time and so the audience could also see everything), and how she must bend over the chair so we can watch the relentless caning. Wales appear on her butt that is sticking out and above all, the entirely authentic expression of her emotions, her miserable face, and her mouth open in one endless scream.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 30 min.
RGE-004 Neighbour Digitaly Remastered
The emotionally charged work “Cane on Nail” was immediately followed by the now classic film “The Neighbour,” which, in its time, materialised the ideas of more than one of you – a mother, who herself punishes a small rebellious pig-tailed blonde. She has reached her wits end and her beatings are not strong enough for the cheeky girl, so she invites over a male neighbour to deal with her. He takes the petite, but now a more physically mature, girl into his own hands – literally. Taming this cheeky brat with the help of a wooden spoon and cane belongs to the highlight of spanking cinematography.

The small, slim, but beautifully rounded feminine girl with blonde pig-tails looks like an angel, but her rebellious expression shows the contrary. Her mother is angry with her, in vain; she bends her over her knee and beats her beautifully firm bottom, in vain. Nothing helps. The house lacks a male potent hand and so the girl goes to the corner and her mother comes home with a manly helper. The neighbour has no reserve for the girl. He grabs her, pulls off her panties and while the girl protests, he beats her butt black and blue in front of her mother using a wooden spoon. Literally. However, he does not break the girl, so the cane must now do the talking. Under the hits, the screaming and wiggling little girl must be held down by her mother and the neighbour keeps whipping her stuck-out behind until the girl starts to plead and promise the moon. Despite all her apologies, the neighbour is not sure about her change of heart. He has obviously found favour in her matured body and has now found an excuse to keep punishing her. The mother agrees and he, now by himself, takes her up to the girl’s room. And here, behind closed doors, you will see how the already screaming, begging, and crying blonde gets the worst caning of her life, how her purple bottom swells, how she wiggles and defends herself, but to no avail, and how finally the neighbour does not stop at the beating.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 37 min.
RGE-006 Rigid Father 1 Digitaly Remastered
...let us bury ourselves in the story together... We are entering a beautiful, magnificently furnished study with leather sofas. The father brings the daughter, a gorgeous, young, absolutely natural brunette, which is fresh 18 years old. She looks fearful and vulnerable, in her innocent beauty. She is sent immediately to the corner. With her hand on the head. A short questioning is followed by inevitable bending over a knee, hiking up of the skirt; the greedy hand on the beautiful round bottom adjusts the classic girlish white cotton panties, and the spanking begins.

The slow spanking wisely controlled by the father, uncompromising, with a heavy hand. The bottom under the thin pants grows red. The spanking is long. Very long. Something like this is not common these days any more. The blows are sometimes interspersed with lecherous stroking of the bottom and removing of the knickers. The girl begins to tug and wriggle, the hits suddenly become stronger, the bottom is red. The father must hold her hands, the spanking seems never-ending. All of this in a continuous shot.

The girl must stand up with her bottom towards the father. She holds her skirt and we can see her white cotton panties being slowly pulled down. In front of our eyes, a heavily hairy dark crotch full of curly girlish hairs. Yes, decent girls did not shave at that time. And the spanking goes on. Dad gives his standing daughter a spanking, the poor girl cries, but she must not dodge. In this position, one can see in detail how her chubby round buttocks are shaking during the spanking. And then bend over a knee and stick out the red bottom directly to the camera; the spanking continues until the girl, groaning and crying, slides down on her back.

However, the punishment is far from ending. Wearing only the underwear, she must take a flexible cane from the wardrobe and hand it to her father, push a heavy chair. She kneels down in front of him, and clasps her hands, but she can´t be helped. Bend over, feet apart, stick the bottom out. A detailed shot of the first hits on the white tense pants. But the pants are shortly pulled down to the ankles and the terrible caning on the exposed botty begins.

The cane whistles, makes weals on the exposed bottom, the girl writhes and cries. Hits are made with a swing at all strength, the bottom is covered by weals, the girl cannot even stand due to pain. Suddenly, the door opens and the second daughter walks in; it´s a beautiful, young, long-haired redhead girl. In front of her, she can see the bottom of her punished sister, and she knows what is awaiting her in a while. But she has to go behind the door to wait and the father begins to finish the spanking of his first daughter. The cane continues to whistle, the girl´s knees buckle. Finally, she has to kiss the father´s hand and stand in the corner, with the pants at the ankles and the naked swollen bottom. The spanking of the second daughter can begin.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 34 min.
RGE-007 Rigid Father 2 Digitaly Remastered
Like in the first episode, we will try to bury ourselves in the story in the father´s study. After the spanking and caning of the tearful brunette, a fearful redhead girl waiting behind the door walks in. The father is waiting for her, sitting in an armchair. He hikes up her skirt and degradingly pulls down black girlish tights, which reveal white cotton panties. Bending over a knee, and the strict hand spanking begins. We can see detailed shots of the frightened face and the bottom becoming red. Daddy continues in merciless spanking; her light skin reflects each hit, and the beautiful bottom under the tense pants gets more and more red, while she is crying. And like with her sister, Daddy again gropes her bottom lecherously between the hits and continues with spanking immediately. The redhead begins to scream from pain, she cries, resists, kicks, Dad needs to hold her firmly, the bottom bounces, shakes and gets red.

Fearful, she has to stand up in front of her father, being red with shame, she has to take off the tights, skirt and blouse, until we can see her young budding breasts. She feels ashamed and covers herself. With her back towards her father, facing the camera, the father continues to spank her; the poor girl is shaking, but she must stand still. Her face screwed up in pain, hands not big enough to cover the breasts, her crying. The spanking is long, very long, no one counts the hits. The pants fall down, and we finally see her girlish pussy in full beauty. She must stand with her hands behind the head and continues to be thrashed over and over despite the shaking, entirely red naked bottom. The spanking seems to be even longer than that of her sister; moreover, she is all naked and feels ashamed, her sister in the background just rubbing her thrashed bottom, listening to the cry of the punished girl. Finally, the spanking ends, the bawling redhead holds her thrashed buttocks, but Daddy takes the cane that has been left on the armchair!

Bend over the sofa and stick out. We can see a detailed shot of the red bottom and beautiful pussy. The first hits with a cane have been done. The girl cannot stand the pain, she twists and dodges, but she must bend over again and again, and stick out the bottom towards her father obediently. New and new weals appear on the bottom. The redhead is tearful, shivering all over her body, stroking the caned bottom. She must put away the cane on the wardrobe and, along with her sister, listen to the final degrading lecture.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 27 min.
RGE-008 Semi-transparent mirror Digitaly Remastere
Just imagine. What advertisements could have been found in newspapers twenty years ago?... An old lecherous man comes to a poor hovel. Mother in old rags, holding a bottle of rum, an ashtray full of cigarette butts. She shows him a transparent mirror installed from the kitchen to the bathroom. And the daughter walks in soon. How many men have already watched her... They quickly agree on the amount and the money is passed from one hand to another.

A beautiful redhead girl walks in, wearing perfectly amazing period clothes, and the man approaches the mirror to watch what is going on. He can see the girl taking off her trousers and panties and sitting down on the bowl to take a pee in front of him. Then she takes off her clothes and he can see all her naked beauty, her tiny firm girlish breasts, beautiful firm white bottom and pussy. Yes, he wants to see the scene again. After he has left, the mother counts the money, finishes her drink and sends her daughter to bed.

What will such a young girl do between the sheets when alone in her room? Yes. We can see how she is stroking her pussy with her hand over the pyjamas, when the mother suddenly comes in: “Shame on you! Just you wait! I´ll learn you!”

She bends her daughter over the knee and a quick, full-strength uncompromising hand spanking over the pyjamas begins, and, after a while, the pyjamas are removed and the mother spanks her on the bare bottom. The girl cries, begs, wriggles, and we can see her buttocks growing red, but it´s too little for the mother. She gets back and brings an electric cord! What a terrible pain! And the gruesome scream, the poor girl´s bottom is covered with violet-red weals, she is writhing and kicking, trying to escape, but she can´t be helped and the spanking goes on and on. The bottom is all swollen and covered by bruises. It is an emotional spanking at a dreadful rate; you have not seen anything like this before.

The next day, our client is watching the unsuspecting girl through the mirror in the bathroom. What a surprise it is to him when he sees the weals on the bottom formed after the yesterday´s spanking. He has always longed for it. Quick agreement with the mother; and the price for spanking her is paid immediately. All excited, he goes out to the garden, cuts flexible rods and ties a terrible birch together. The poor girl will have hard times.

Indoors, the mother calls her daughter: “you´ve not been punished enough, I am too weak, but this man will give you hell!” The girl does not want to, she resists and refuses to obey, but she can´t be helped. She is dragged to the chair, her arms tied up behind her back, she bends over and sticks out the bottom in leggings. The mother holds her, the man takes the birch and spanks her with all his might! After several hits, the leggings and pants fall down and the spanking on the bare bottom continues. In front of his eyes, the naked swollen bottom covered by weals appears, and he can see her pussy too. The birch whistles in the girl´s painful cry and begging, the bottom is covered by weals, with no place for more, so the spanking continues on the thighs. Frightful yelling, screaming, crying and begging. The tearful girl stands up, they untie her. All of them know it is not the last visit of this man to their house.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 21min.
RGE-009 Hidden Camera Digitaly Remastered
At the beginning of the classic work “Hidden Camera” (which, after years, continued with the “Hidden Camera 2: The Client” movie, both works being interconnected through the main character), we will see an interview of an editor, who received the recording of the spanking of the girl from her father in order to assess such a real punishment as compared with fictitious works. The father offers the spanking to viewers for assessment. In the interview, the daughter is made to talk about how she is punished at home and then she is forced to hike up her skirt, pull her knickers down and show the stuck-out bottom covered by weals and bruises, as well as the whipped thighs.

After that, the viewers see and are asked to assess the original recording of the spanking made with a hidden camera. It shows the absolute privacy, the scene of the father and mother spanking their daughter.

The mother brings her daughter in underwear, and, after a short questioning, the father bends her over his knee, sticks her bottom in tight knickers out a starts spanking her strongly with his heavy hand. After a while, the knickers go down, and the spanking continues on the bare bottom, the girl begging, whimpering and crying. The spanking seems to never end, the daughter begins to protect her bottom, wriggle, knocking, but the father continues to spank her until her bottom is all red and the girl cries from pain.

And then, it´s time for a cane. Red with shame, the daughter must strip naked and bare her small breasts. She is forced to kneel down on the sofa, lean on elbows and stick her beautiful small bottom on the camera, so that we can see the details of both holes which stay hidden at any other time. However, the girl do not have time to feel ashamed, the father starts caning her on her stuck-out bottom. The poor girl squeals and writhes, starting to turn her bottom away. The father calls the stout mother to help him, who bends the non-obedient begging girl over the sofa, holding her firmly, and all hell breaks loose – the father begins to cane the crying and screaming girl on her stuck out bottom with all his might. The begging naked girl writhes with pain, being caned also on her thighs, crying and wriggling, the hits continue, all over the bottom and thighs. The caning is never-ending; more than 50 hits have been made and still continue. The terrible cry is ear-splitting, the kicking and screaming punished girl shows us all her body, the cane falling on her body. Finally, she stays abandoned, thrashed, crying, sobbing, lying on the sofa, stroking her swollen bottom and thighs.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 22 min.