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RGE-009 Hidden Camera Digitaly Remastered
At the beginning of the classic work “Hidden Camera” (which, after years, continued with the “Hidden Camera 2: The Client” movie, both works being interconnected through the main character), we will see an interview of an editor, who received the recording of the spanking of the girl from her father in order to assess such a real punishment as compared with fictitious works. The father offers the spanking to viewers for assessment. In the interview, the daughter is made to talk about how she is punished at home and then she is forced to hike up her skirt, pull her knickers down and show the stuck-out bottom covered by weals and bruises, as well as the whipped thighs.

After that, the viewers see and are asked to assess the original recording of the spanking made with a hidden camera. It shows the absolute privacy, the scene of the father and mother spanking their daughter.

The mother brings her daughter in underwear, and, after a short questioning, the father bends her over his knee, sticks her bottom in tight knickers out a starts spanking her strongly with his heavy hand. After a while, the knickers go down, and the spanking continues on the bare bottom, the girl begging, whimpering and crying. The spanking seems to never end, the daughter begins to protect her bottom, wriggle, knocking, but the father continues to spank her until her bottom is all red and the girl cries from pain.

And then, it´s time for a cane. Red with shame, the daughter must strip naked and bare her small breasts. She is forced to kneel down on the sofa, lean on elbows and stick her beautiful small bottom on the camera, so that we can see the details of both holes which stay hidden at any other time. However, the girl do not have time to feel ashamed, the father starts caning her on her stuck-out bottom. The poor girl squeals and writhes, starting to turn her bottom away. The father calls the stout mother to help him, who bends the non-obedient begging girl over the sofa, holding her firmly, and all hell breaks loose – the father begins to cane the crying and screaming girl on her stuck out bottom with all his might. The begging naked girl writhes with pain, being caned also on her thighs, crying and wriggling, the hits continue, all over the bottom and thighs. The caning is never-ending; more than 50 hits have been made and still continue. The terrible cry is ear-splitting, the kicking and screaming punished girl shows us all her body, the cane falling on her body. Finally, she stays abandoned, thrashed, crying, sobbing, lying on the sofa, stroking her swollen bottom and thighs.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 22 min.