Quirky Way

per aspera ad astra

RGE-008 Semi-transparent mirror Digitaly Remastere
Just imagine. What advertisements could have been found in newspapers twenty years ago?... An old lecherous man comes to a poor hovel. Mother in old rags, holding a bottle of rum, an ashtray full of cigarette butts. She shows him a transparent mirror installed from the kitchen to the bathroom. And the daughter walks in soon. How many men have already watched her... They quickly agree on the amount and the money is passed from one hand to another.

A beautiful redhead girl walks in, wearing perfectly amazing period clothes, and the man approaches the mirror to watch what is going on. He can see the girl taking off her trousers and panties and sitting down on the bowl to take a pee in front of him. Then she takes off her clothes and he can see all her naked beauty, her tiny firm girlish breasts, beautiful firm white bottom and pussy. Yes, he wants to see the scene again. After he has left, the mother counts the money, finishes her drink and sends her daughter to bed.

What will such a young girl do between the sheets when alone in her room? Yes. We can see how she is stroking her pussy with her hand over the pyjamas, when the mother suddenly comes in: “Shame on you! Just you wait! I´ll learn you!”

She bends her daughter over the knee and a quick, full-strength uncompromising hand spanking over the pyjamas begins, and, after a while, the pyjamas are removed and the mother spanks her on the bare bottom. The girl cries, begs, wriggles, and we can see her buttocks growing red, but it´s too little for the mother. She gets back and brings an electric cord! What a terrible pain! And the gruesome scream, the poor girl´s bottom is covered with violet-red weals, she is writhing and kicking, trying to escape, but she can´t be helped and the spanking goes on and on. The bottom is all swollen and covered by bruises. It is an emotional spanking at a dreadful rate; you have not seen anything like this before.

The next day, our client is watching the unsuspecting girl through the mirror in the bathroom. What a surprise it is to him when he sees the weals on the bottom formed after the yesterday´s spanking. He has always longed for it. Quick agreement with the mother; and the price for spanking her is paid immediately. All excited, he goes out to the garden, cuts flexible rods and ties a terrible birch together. The poor girl will have hard times.

Indoors, the mother calls her daughter: “you´ve not been punished enough, I am too weak, but this man will give you hell!” The girl does not want to, she resists and refuses to obey, but she can´t be helped. She is dragged to the chair, her arms tied up behind her back, she bends over and sticks out the bottom in leggings. The mother holds her, the man takes the birch and spanks her with all his might! After several hits, the leggings and pants fall down and the spanking on the bare bottom continues. In front of his eyes, the naked swollen bottom covered by weals appears, and he can see her pussy too. The birch whistles in the girl´s painful cry and begging, the bottom is covered by weals, with no place for more, so the spanking continues on the thighs. Frightful yelling, screaming, crying and begging. The tearful girl stands up, they untie her. All of them know it is not the last visit of this man to their house.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 21min.