Quirky Way

per aspera ad astra

RGE-007 Rigid Father 2 Digitaly Remastered
Like in the first episode, we will try to bury ourselves in the story in the father´s study. After the spanking and caning of the tearful brunette, a fearful redhead girl waiting behind the door walks in. The father is waiting for her, sitting in an armchair. He hikes up her skirt and degradingly pulls down black girlish tights, which reveal white cotton panties. Bending over a knee, and the strict hand spanking begins. We can see detailed shots of the frightened face and the bottom becoming red. Daddy continues in merciless spanking; her light skin reflects each hit, and the beautiful bottom under the tense pants gets more and more red, while she is crying. And like with her sister, Daddy again gropes her bottom lecherously between the hits and continues with spanking immediately. The redhead begins to scream from pain, she cries, resists, kicks, Dad needs to hold her firmly, the bottom bounces, shakes and gets red.

Fearful, she has to stand up in front of her father, being red with shame, she has to take off the tights, skirt and blouse, until we can see her young budding breasts. She feels ashamed and covers herself. With her back towards her father, facing the camera, the father continues to spank her; the poor girl is shaking, but she must stand still. Her face screwed up in pain, hands not big enough to cover the breasts, her crying. The spanking is long, very long, no one counts the hits. The pants fall down, and we finally see her girlish pussy in full beauty. She must stand with her hands behind the head and continues to be thrashed over and over despite the shaking, entirely red naked bottom. The spanking seems to be even longer than that of her sister; moreover, she is all naked and feels ashamed, her sister in the background just rubbing her thrashed bottom, listening to the cry of the punished girl. Finally, the spanking ends, the bawling redhead holds her thrashed buttocks, but Daddy takes the cane that has been left on the armchair!

Bend over the sofa and stick out. We can see a detailed shot of the red bottom and beautiful pussy. The first hits with a cane have been done. The girl cannot stand the pain, she twists and dodges, but she must bend over again and again, and stick out the bottom towards her father obediently. New and new weals appear on the bottom. The redhead is tearful, shivering all over her body, stroking the caned bottom. She must put away the cane on the wardrobe and, along with her sister, listen to the final degrading lecture.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 27 min.