Quirky Way

per aspera ad astra

RGE-006 Rigid Father 1 Digitaly Remastered
...let us bury ourselves in the story together... We are entering a beautiful, magnificently furnished study with leather sofas. The father brings the daughter, a gorgeous, young, absolutely natural brunette, which is fresh 18 years old. She looks fearful and vulnerable, in her innocent beauty. She is sent immediately to the corner. With her hand on the head. A short questioning is followed by inevitable bending over a knee, hiking up of the skirt; the greedy hand on the beautiful round bottom adjusts the classic girlish white cotton panties, and the spanking begins.

The slow spanking wisely controlled by the father, uncompromising, with a heavy hand. The bottom under the thin pants grows red. The spanking is long. Very long. Something like this is not common these days any more. The blows are sometimes interspersed with lecherous stroking of the bottom and removing of the knickers. The girl begins to tug and wriggle, the hits suddenly become stronger, the bottom is red. The father must hold her hands, the spanking seems never-ending. All of this in a continuous shot.

The girl must stand up with her bottom towards the father. She holds her skirt and we can see her white cotton panties being slowly pulled down. In front of our eyes, a heavily hairy dark crotch full of curly girlish hairs. Yes, decent girls did not shave at that time. And the spanking goes on. Dad gives his standing daughter a spanking, the poor girl cries, but she must not dodge. In this position, one can see in detail how her chubby round buttocks are shaking during the spanking. And then bend over a knee and stick out the red bottom directly to the camera; the spanking continues until the girl, groaning and crying, slides down on her back.

However, the punishment is far from ending. Wearing only the underwear, she must take a flexible cane from the wardrobe and hand it to her father, push a heavy chair. She kneels down in front of him, and clasps her hands, but she can´t be helped. Bend over, feet apart, stick the bottom out. A detailed shot of the first hits on the white tense pants. But the pants are shortly pulled down to the ankles and the terrible caning on the exposed botty begins.

The cane whistles, makes weals on the exposed bottom, the girl writhes and cries. Hits are made with a swing at all strength, the bottom is covered by weals, the girl cannot even stand due to pain. Suddenly, the door opens and the second daughter walks in; it´s a beautiful, young, long-haired redhead girl. In front of her, she can see the bottom of her punished sister, and she knows what is awaiting her in a while. But she has to go behind the door to wait and the father begins to finish the spanking of his first daughter. The cane continues to whistle, the girl´s knees buckle. Finally, she has to kiss the father´s hand and stand in the corner, with the pants at the ankles and the naked swollen bottom. The spanking of the second daughter can begin.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 34 min.