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RGE-018 Detention House 3: Internal Affairs Remast
The film "Detention House 3" follows up on the previous installment, particularly with the shameful “diaper position,” where the girls are spanked with their legs spread wide and feet near their heads. This time, however, a punishment room, built especially for this purpose, housed a block for binding the punished girls. The film builds on the original plot and particularly supplements it with new punishment practices; like the punishment paddle, there is even a more effective and painful tool selected.

The wards in their school uniforms are brought to the institution’s punishment room, where they must strip naked and one after another are then strapped, with the help of the others, to the punishment block. They are forced to watch the strict spanking of their friends. They see the shamelessly puckered butts and all the intimate parts. They see how the butt cheeks and thighs change to red over the course of the spanking. They hear their helpless cries and they know that this is what awaits them in a little while and fueled by a great fear, they start to cry in advance.

If the amount of shame was not enough, we see that one of the girls is forced to squat naked over a tin pail before a spanking and pee shamefully – all shown in detailed shots. As well as the subsequent insertion of the peeled ginger root into the butthole between the red beaten cheeks. The painful cries of the punished girls will resound in your ears for some time. And we will leave the great finale and unveiling, which will come at the end, as a surprise for you.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 41 min.