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RGE-012 Detention House 1 Digitaly Remastered
The film "Detention House 1" is only the twelfth film from the original “Rigid East” production and is incredible with its crude atmosphere, which contrasts the straight-forward script and therefore arouses the feeling of true reality. With respect to the time of its origin, this story could have taken place anywhere around us; all it took was to register it. The girls enter the detention house in their own clothes and so as they are forced to strip and undergo a humiliating physical examination, we can see what “the girls next door” used to wear, what their underwear was like, how they were combed, if they shaved or not.

The naked girls are spanked during the shameful examination by the lady educator (by the way, the first part of the star of many of our other films, Alexandra Wolf) and after changing into the institution’s uniforms (including white regulation panties), they are given a number and all of them assemble to receive the first punishment from the principal.

She was played by one of the most famous Czech dominatrices of the time and so the wards can legitimately fear the cane in her hand. One after another, they are bent over a chair, their shirts are rolled up and the uniform panties are pulled down so that the puckered bare butts could be caned by the principal, with the help of the lady educator.

The unending series of blows, the sound of screams and pleas of the beaten girls, the completely varied reaction from each of them, tears, attempts to swerve or escape, pressure to stay in the position and to suffer through the horrific canings to the very end, despite the screams. Finally, we see five wailing girls standing by the wall with their bare caned butts. They’re first day at the institution has begun.

It was possible to save the film from the original materials in high definition. There was not as much success when it came to the trailer and picture gallery.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 56 min.