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Christmas Package
LP-040 The Christmas Quiet Digitaly Remastered
The film “The Christmas Quiet” takes place in a beautifully contemporarily furnished living room and bathroom. These are the stage for the story of a well-situated family from the turn of the last century, where the atmosphere is highlighted by beautiful dresses and costumes, including the girls’ underwear. Corporal punishment at the time was a daily business and a cane hung on the wall in every family. Right at the start, one of the two daughters and the maid receive a proper caning right, who went to munch on some cookies.

One by one, each girl must bend over in front of the whole family, stick her butt out, roll up her dress and undergarments, and stretch the edges of the contemporary panties in order to ready the pursed butt for a mighty caning.

One after another, the uncompromising girl’s father cane them to the sound of their shrieks and cries, as the audience can watch the painful grimaces in their faces as well as detailed shots of their pursed asses, private parts, and appearing wales. After the spanking, both girls must kiss the father’s hand and the mother takes them to the bathroom for another punishment. Here, the girls must strip naked, kneel on all fours, and stick out their waled butts for a punishing enema, for which the mother has prepared containers with brine as well as wide nozzles, which she will soon painfully insert into the waiting asses.

Both girls decide to avenge the sister, who only gleefully watched the beating, and set a trap for her that she falls into while opening presents by the Christmas tree. The crying wretch must strip naked in front of everyone. Squirming, crying, begging, and bent over, she receives a horrific caning landing on her pursed butt and thighs, so much so that purple wales start to appear. And following the beating, another horrible punishment – she must peel a thick ginger root, open her beaten ass, and in front of everybody, red with shame, after a while, must insert the whole pieced into her butthole. The shrieks, pleas, and tears when the burning ginger starts to work! In this way: naked, beaten with purple wales, and a ginger root up her butt, she has to go kneel in shame under the Christmas tree.

If you are a fan of domestic beatings in a contemporary environment, pleading cries, and the tears of beaten girls by their strict father, as well as additional alternative punishments common at the time – enemas, figgings, and kneeling, all in a beautiful environment and in wonderful film costumes – this is the film for you.

In addition to the film “The Christmas Quiet”, you will receive a recording of the interviews with the actresses as a FREE bonus.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 41 min.
LP-061 Santa Digitaly Remastered
The film “Santa” came to be under completely different circumstances than our original “Christmas” film “The Christmas Quiet”, where we were able to take advantage of perfect historical knowledge of our contemporary environment. That is why we must retroactively apologize to our American audience, into whose 50s realities we attempted to place the film, for certain amusing inaccuracies. Nevertheless, after publishing the film, we were contacted by a server dealing with kink girls dressed in button-down sweaters, which we also used in the film. So, hopefully we were historically relevant at least in this manner.

We find ourselves in a family, where the mother of three daughters invites the pastor over for a visit, so that he would not be alone for Christmas. The evening before, the daughters, dressed in modest nightgowns, kneel down, praying to Santa for gifts. To their misfortune, their wishes will really come true.

We will leave it to your imagination what the girls, red with shame and to their horror, will pull from the stockings hanging under the window for all to see. The furious mother will immediately start to act. Before the staring eyes of the sisters and for a completely different reason, the staring eyes of the pastor, the first of the sisters – a beautiful blonde – is forced to roll up her skirt, pull down the contemporary panties, and dressed only in stockings and a garter belt, she must lie down on a chair, and stick out her bare bottom to a strict punishment.

The mother grabs a brisk rough birch scourge and in a totally uncompromising pace, she beats the poor wretch’s butt in front of your eyes until it is purple, accompanied by her screams and squirming. You have never seen such a birching before …

The second daughter gets it even worse – in front of the eyes of everyone, she must strip naked, red with shame, lie down on a chair, lift her legs toward her head so her mother could insert a peeled ginger root into her anus, while she cries, before the beating “so that the butt would not tense up so much during the spanking.” Afterward, turn around, kneel on the chair, and stick out that butt. The mother takes a large heavy paddle for the beating and the pain during the first blows is such that the screaming girl dodges and does not hold, so the pastor jumps to help and the mother can finish the naughty girl’s beating.

The finale belongs to the pastor. The third daughter must also strip naked and stick out her stout white butt (after her mouth soap washing) so that the pastor could beat it uncompromisingly with a paddle until it goes purple, as she cries. But that is not enough for the vicious girl! The bawling girl is held by her previously beaten sisters and the pastor uses a thick cane to finish the uncompromising caning and beats her butt so much that the girl cannot sit down for a week.

As a bonus to the film “Santa”, you will receive FREE an uninterrupted camera recording of the spankings of all girls from both cameras, an uninterrupted view of their faces and their butts, including shots that were not used in the final cut of the film!

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 42 min.