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RGE-001 Rural Schoolmaster Digitaly Remastered
Yes, the fabulous Mr. Gurt as a village disciplinarian and his two girl inmates, sent to him to be re-educated. The old lustful man’s wrinkled hands on their innocent bodies; the spanking and beatings of his potent hands, wooden paddle, tawse, and finally even a cane.

The film “Rural Schoolmaster” brings an unreproducible atmosphere at the time of its inception and mainly, an absolutely natural acting talent of the main role, that is old Mr. Gurt, who only had the basic plot line at his disposal and most of his expressions and dialogues are the work of improvisation and the magic of the moment. This, together with the absolutely natural reactions of the punished girls, whose unfeigned shame when his shaking hands mercilessly press their breasts and then force their way into their private parts; the unfeigned disgrace and teary eyes and the following painful cries during the first beatings all add to the completely unique and realistic atmosphere, which completely engulfs the audience.

The sequence of individual punishments and practices – a spanking over extremely tight panties, painfully dug in deep into the crotch, shameful stripping, tawse beatings over pursed butts and thighs so that the flexible cane would get the final word – will not leave you at ease. And what about when the old man’s hands start to punish the girls private parts, then forcing her shaking hand to unzip the fly of his pants.

You can now see this collector’s rarity for the first time in the quality of camera recordings.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 27 min.