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DRM-014 Cane on Nail 2 Digitaly Remastered
Bonus for our loyal customers. Newly remastered sequel to the film “Cane on Nail”: “Cane on Nail 2” for free. This work followed up on its own classical archetype after 11 years with a sophisticated script. You will see one of our biggest movie star, a legend, an actress with the most numerous fan club of our customers, the famous, unique, gorgeousEster Slaba” cast in the role of the punished girl (you can find her complete filmography here). You will see Ester here in her 21st (yes, she has filmed 21 spanking works with us) film and you will be able to admire her acting, her suffering as well as her beaten bottom in high definition.

It has been 11 years, since one of our first movies (third, to be exact), „Cane on Nail ” was produced… Since that time, more than a hundred another movies have come to life, but „Cane on Nail” is still popular, still unique, still highly-favoured. And it belongs to our personal favourites as well.

Some time ago, we decided to revive this pristine idea – to literally rob ourselves and shoot a remake after 11 years – „Cane on Nail 2”, which we today present to you to see. The idea is still the same – an uncle bringing up his ill-mannered niece using rigid punishments.

You will watch the niece being punished harshly during the week, you will see her bare bottom being spanked by the uncle´s heavy hand, right after rolling up her skirt and pulling down her panties. The next day will show her taking off her pyjamas and her butt being strongly belted, and afterward, she is forced to kneel on a wash-board. And after every punishment, she has to write down more strokes on the hated paper, hanging on the wall right next to the menacing cane.

How many will she collect this week? How harsh will be Friday´s caning? How ashamed is she going to be, when, completely naked, she´ll have to roll up her uncle´s sleeve and hand him the cane. And then, after caning her poor bottom, she has to beg off… But that’s not all. There´s something different, something has changed since the original movie – and the ending has changed as well…

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 51 min.