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RGE-004 Neighbour Digitaly Remastered
The emotionally charged work “Cane on Nail” was immediately followed by the now classic film “The Neighbour,” which, in its time, materialised the ideas of more than one of you – a mother, who herself punishes a small rebellious pig-tailed blonde. She has reached her wits end and her beatings are not strong enough for the cheeky girl, so she invites over a male neighbour to deal with her. He takes the petite, but now a more physically mature, girl into his own hands – literally. Taming this cheeky brat with the help of a wooden spoon and cane belongs to the highlight of spanking cinematography.

The small, slim, but beautifully rounded feminine girl with blonde pig-tails looks like an angel, but her rebellious expression shows the contrary. Her mother is angry with her, in vain; she bends her over her knee and beats her beautifully firm bottom, in vain. Nothing helps. The house lacks a male potent hand and so the girl goes to the corner and her mother comes home with a manly helper. The neighbour has no reserve for the girl. He grabs her, pulls off her panties and while the girl protests, he beats her butt black and blue in front of her mother using a wooden spoon. Literally. However, he does not break the girl, so the cane must now do the talking. Under the hits, the screaming and wiggling little girl must be held down by her mother and the neighbour keeps whipping her stuck-out behind until the girl starts to plead and promise the moon. Despite all her apologies, the neighbour is not sure about her change of heart. He has obviously found favour in her matured body and has now found an excuse to keep punishing her. The mother agrees and he, now by himself, takes her up to the girl’s room. And here, behind closed doors, you will see how the already screaming, begging, and crying blonde gets the worst caning of her life, how her purple bottom swells, how she wiggles and defends herself, but to no avail, and how finally the neighbour does not stop at the beating.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 37 min.