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RGE-003 Cane on Nail Digitaly Remastered
The ground-breaking work “Cane on Nail” (the film was shot in May 1998, 16 years ago) will captivate you with an incredibly realistic view on the suffering of a petite fragile girl, punished by her father for her sins. The hand, strap, and cane beatings will engulf you and close-ups of the girl’s face with the trickling tears and mouth twisted in fear or pain, and not only in those places, will evoke in you the strongest of emotions in a way that the trembling, sensitive, and frightened girl carries to the screen.

We find our tiny fragile heroine in an unenviable situation. Every Friday evening she adds up the marks that her ruthless father carefully records on a chart for each misdemeanour, so that he could settle the account on Friday – every mark means one hit with the flexible cane that hangs on the wall beside the chart for everyone to see. This week there are more than twenty-five. However, before the final account is settled, we see the events of the week in retrospect, where the father drags the crying girl home by the ear from the street, bends her over his knee, and first pays her with a strong hand across her cotton panties. Then, after pulling them down and unbuckling his belt, he beats her butt with his belt even after her pleading and lamentations. And after the beating, off to the corner to kneel … Obviously, this is not included in Friday’s punishment. We are back to Friday evening and we see how the girl brings her father the cane, how she whispers the number of hits she is to get, how her father sends her, naked, to pee (so it would not end up like last time and so the audience could also see everything), and how she must bend over the chair so we can watch the relentless caning. Wales appear on her butt that is sticking out and above all, the entirely authentic expression of her emotions, her miserable face, and her mouth open in one endless scream.

Digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 30 min.