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RGE-019 Wild Party 3 Digitaly Remastered
The third episode followed after several years. Despite the more elaborated scenario and higher quality shooting technology, they managed to preserve the basic: the absolutely realistic atmosphere of a drunken girls´ party and all that the girls were doing together there – and mainly the following uncompromising canings, which resulted in purple striped swollen bottoms, deafening cry and scream and tearful faces.

History repeats itself and the mankind will never learn, especially teenage girls – after years, we can see our well-known actor in a ballet school with a group of beautiful dancers, whose supple bodies we can admire both in dancing skirts and later in a shower room during common soaping, which is the herald of forthcoming events. In expectation of the sight of their young naked bodies, the old sleazy caretaker brings a carton wine, and the drunken girls start such sexual practices that their teachers would not even imagine, like you watching the movie in detail. Drunken, sleeping, they are found by a dancing master, and the solution is absolutely clear – getting fired from the prestigious club or caning. The well-known cane comes to play and the girls are bent over a vaulting box one after another, with the others crying, and they are strictly and uncompromisingly caned on their exposed naked bottoms. Again, the executor meets the expectations and, like in the previous two episodes, he repeats his performance again, which is proved by the purple caned striped buttocks.

All of the three episodes are linked by the executor, who is always played by the same actor and – a detail, which has not been mentioned so far – the same cane, which was used in all of these movies. By the way, the cane is a gift from our loyal customer, and was imported from Saudi Arabia, it is very lithe but still very hard, it has a cast handle for better balance and it is really an uncompromising caning tool.

All of these movies, as stated above, have been digitally remastered and released in the maximum quality. Regarding the age of the movies and incomplete archives, unfortunately, we have no trailers for movies Wild Party 1 and 2 in that quality, and we have no hi-res photos for Wild Party 1. But with Wild Party 3 purchased, you will get the movie and trailer in the maximum quality, as well as two bonus movies: uncut continuous footage from both cameras, including shots not used in the original movie.

Dear customers, on the basis of your wishes, we proudly offer you the restored, digitally remastered movies Wild Party 1 – 3 in the original maximum resolution, and an absolutely clear and sharp digital picture, for a fraction of the price of the original works.

Length 46 min.