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RGE-010 Wild Party 1 Digitaly Remastered
The first episode of the series, Wild Party, was an absolutely ground-breaking movie in the history of the spanking film, and, although it was shot almost fifteen years ago, it is still one of the absolute bestsellers. The unique absolute realistic nature and natural character of all performances, and mainly the uncompromising, absolutely realistic canings and reactions of punished girls was something totally unprecedented at that time, both due to its authenticity and mainly due to its intensity, and this work has not been beaten so far thanks to its absolutely realistic atmosphere.

In the first episode, you can watch a group of high-spirited girls having a party at the place of one of their friends, whose parents have gone for a weekend. Fifteen years later, it is fantastic to watch the girls wearing the clothes of that time, and to see the unusual hairstyles or unshaved private parts.
When the fairly tipsy girls discover an old wardrobe in the flat, containing numerous costumes, they start uncovering and changing their clothes in front of the viewers, later experiencing their first lesbian more or less bashful kisses and petting at a bottle or while dancing, which is interrupted by the arrival of a father of one of the girls. Under threat of a phone call to the girl´s parents, they agree to caning, without having an idea what is awaiting them … Naked, one after another have to bend over a table, and the uncompromising caning follows, leaving their bottoms purple and swollen – and red tearful eyes. In the end, the movie daughter is spanked with a paddle. Watching this movie in the maximum resolution in a digital form after the long fifteen years will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

All of the three episodes are linked by the executor, who is always played by the same actor and – a detail, which has not been mentioned so far – the same cane, which was used in all of these movies. By the way, the cane is a gift from our loyal customer, and was imported from Saudi Arabia, it is very lithe but still very hard, it has a cast handle for better balance and it is really an uncompromising caning tool.

All of these movies, as stated above, have been digitally remastered and released in the maximum quality. Regarding the age of the movies and incomplete archives, unfortunately, we have no trailers for movies Wild Party 1 and 2 in that quality, and we have no hi-res photos for Wild Party 1.

Dear customers, on the basis of your wishes, we proudly offer you the restored, digitally remastered movies Wild Party 1 – 3 in the original maximum resolution, and an absolutely clear and sharp digital picture, for a fraction of the price of the original works.

Length 45 min.