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Stalin 1,2,3 Digitaly Remastered package
The Package of movies Stalin 1, Stalin 2 and Stalin 3
NOW: digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
LP-015 Stalin 1
As the story of the "Stalin" movie unfolds, you will be brought to the former Czechoslovakia of the 50s; the reign of the communist regime was at its highest. Similarly to any other totalitarian regime, that time was full of absurdity, oppression of ill-fated individuals by the government and its agencies, and also terror, inflicted for example on impeccable young female students. Anyway, the power the political commissars had was virtually unlimited and ordinary people simply had to collaborate with the communists. Only a few individuals kept their independence and honour. Our young female hero was one of the few. She was a daughter of an executed political opponent, which was a grave sin by that time's standards. She committed a very bad act along with her three fellow students - she modified a photo of Josif Vissarionovich Stalin, published in Rudé Právo.

The movie starts when the girls are led to the Headmaster's. The Headmaster is an old fashioned gentleman, but under the political commissar's pressure, he has to investigate the case. The commissar, a hard-core communist, pushes the Headmaster to "investigate the offence" and insists on the hardest punishment. Having discovered that the whole incident was started by Boženka, an educated girl, but inconvenient to the regime, he would preferably summon the Secret Police (StB) immediately to arrest everyone who participated. Only after the Headmaster calls to the commissar's attention the fact that the arrests would not stop with the girls, the impromptu investigation committee agrees on a solution.

The girls are caned by their class teacher. The teacher is not pleased with having to carry out the execution, because the decrial the girls have to endure in front of her and in front of the two men is truly degrading. But no one except the commissar suspects the worst - StB is called anyway - to arrest Boženka, whom he, as it seems, wanted out of his facility at all costs. The sentence is declared. Girls have to take off their regulation skirts and panties. Boženka is even forced to stand in front of her executor naked. Each of the girls gets 50 strokes with a cane; Boženka is punished even twice. Because it is her who is punished first, everyone can see that the punishment is very painful. Poor girl starts to weep after a few strokes. But her teacher has to execute the punishment until the very end. Girls change place and are beaten mercilessly. The Headmaster corrects any deviation from the prescribed posture. The perverse political commissar checks that the punishment is strict and merciless. After all girls have been punished, Boženka is punished for the second time. Her blood red bottom becomes the target for another 50 strokes. Her sobs change to bawling. It is obvious that she suffers beyond words.

The viewer can witness 250 cane strokes on naked girls' bottoms! Immediately after the students have left the Headmaster's, Boženka is arrested by StB agents. Crying, she is led out in handcuffs. Where will she end up?

You can get an insight of how the story might unfold in the next part of the movie. The dungeons in StB offices and palaces harbour hideous secrets. So much violence, so much oppression was committed within the communistic prisons and work camps. What exactly happened in there? Get ready for the next movie. Until then, enjoy a perfect spanking movie set in the former Czechoslovakia of the 50s, when the country writhed under Soviet tyranny.

NOW: digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 40 min.
LP-032 Stalin 2
The history of totalitarian systems is an unlimited source of violent and humiliating stories that always make you experience various feelings. People, as human beings, naturally condemn atrocities and injustice of such tyranny; but on the other hand, some who would never admit it are fascinated by scenes involving pain and tears – scenes that truly depict the abuse and suffering of victims.

Stalin II, the latest movie by Lupus Pictures, is based on such a controversy. The story itself is a continuation of the earlier movie, Stalin. However, this project is different. From the calm atmosphere of the 50s school setting, the story evolves into a more ambitious scene and describes methods of the secret communist police (known as StB) and their agents.

Boženka Nováková (lovely Kateřina Tetová, newly married to Maxmilian Schubert), the daughter of a dissident executed by the communists, was arrested under a stupid pretence – she defaced a news picture of Josif Visarionovič Stalin. In most societies this would be an unimportant prank, but in a corrupted totalitarian system her act serves as an excuse for total repression.

So everyone connected with Boženka and her act, including those whom it was necessary to supress or remove, become victims of the police machinery. All of them talk when beaten in the police cell, saying whatever the police want them to say just to end the torture.

First to come are Boženka’s classmates and teachers. And not even communist officials are left out. But you can’t send a school politruk to court. However, StB agents had their own ideas about how to deal with such cases, adapted from long-term experience of their Soviet comrades.

Finally all the participants of the invented anti-communist conspiracy are broken and confess to anti-state activities. Boženka and two of her classmates are tied up and beaten in the police torture room. A fourth victim is the teacher (Alexandra Wolfe, acting on the other end of the cane for the first time), who is a committed communist. Later we witness much more brutal methods, so that all the involved are broken and sign “voluntary” confessions.

The most difficult and defiant person is Boženka’s English-speaking classmate, Nikolaja Laudonová (played by the great Niki Flynn). The agents seem to be thwarted here, but they have advisers. The Soviet counselor suggests to them what to do next: the physical tortures are replaced by psychological terror tactics that eventually break Nikolaja down. And what happens next? At the end of movie we learn the fates of the individual characters.

A pretty gloomy, depressing story, isn’t it? Although you struggle against such terror and you tremble with anger and disgust at the malicious and inhuman methods of the secret police, you see the authentic details and you can enjoy an uncensored view of the practices of these human beasts who live among us without us knowing it. And you can look forward to many beaten bottoms – Jan Zlatoústý as communist executor who breaks canes over the bottoms of poor girls in the police torture room, gives a heroic performance in this movie...

The new movie by Lupus Pictures offers you a wide range of new experiences combined with our good old characteristic features and as special bonus there are interviews with all actresses before/after caning scenes. Don’t miss it!

Bonus: FREE interview with Niki Flynn and others before and after caning scenes.
NOW: digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 65 min.
LP-043 Stalin 3
Lupus Pictures’ new film, Stalin 3, is the final part of the Stalin trilogy. What started as a playful story with a bitter meaning and continued with the darker Stalin 2 last year, is now concluded in the last instalment.

This part not only puts the other Stalin movies into context; in the story of Nikolaja Laudon it shows the horror and desperation of all totalitarian regimes, by whatever name they use.

The movie masterfully combines the acted parts with both real and fictitious archive materials.

It takes place just after Stalin 2, introducing the story and continuing with the heroine from the point where she is sentenced to be locked up in a “medical” institute controlled by the StB and the Ministry of Defence of the then communist Czechoslovakia.

We follow Nikalaja through the entire ordeal, witnessing the stories and fates of the girls who enter her life for a short but very important time. We look into the guards’ faces, assess the characters and qualities of these strange men who worked for the communist machine. However shocking these motives may be today; at one time they were commonplace.

Thus the beatings and torture of the girls that we watch – aware of the genre – serve to accommodate many strange fantasies. One pours out his forlorn hopes while others conceal their guilty consciences. Others are simply at the mercy of a perversion that can’t be controlled. And others commit their atrocities simply because they can’t think for themselves.

Besides the thoughts of the narrator, we also hear the comments of a historian and a psychologist. We hear from a former guard of a similar institute as well, which is both impressive and terrifying.

The story continues through Nikolaja’s release and concludes in the present day. It connects the events of the 50s and later era with the political and social reality of the beginning of the 21st century. It’s also a warning: this nightmare is real. It can still happen today. Remember: at the start of WWII no one believed those events could happen either...

No, this story is not real. But it easily could have been real. Similar stories – and sometimes even worse – happened to thousands of people. Real people who had their own lives, desires and troubles, friends and families. They didn’t have a chance to defend themselves, escape or choose their destiny.

We must never forget that.

And even though we can enjoy Stalin 3 as a traditional caning movie, we should be aware that we never want this to happen in reality. But unlike the characters, we can do something about that.

Apart from the above-mentioned, you’ll see five girls beaten with a rod by a sadistic female guard. You’ll see a girl forced to sit on a wooden horse while her back is whipped, along with crotch whipping and many other torments that the guards used to control their prisoners.

Bonus: FREE interview with Niki Flynn and others before and after caning scenes.
NOW: digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length: 55 min.