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LP-032 Stalin 2 Digitaly Remastered
The history of totalitarian systems is an unlimited source of violent and humiliating stories that always make you experience various feelings. People, as human beings, naturally condemn atrocities and injustice of such tyranny; but on the other hand, some who would never admit it are fascinated by scenes involving pain and tears – scenes that truly depict the abuse and suffering of victims.

Stalin II, the latest movie by Lupus Pictures, is based on such a controversy. The story itself is a continuation of the earlier movie, Stalin. However, this project is different. From the calm atmosphere of the 50s school setting, the story evolves into a more ambitious scene and describes methods of the secret communist police (known as StB) and their agents.

Boženka Nováková (lovely Kateřina Tetová, newly married to Maxmilian Schubert), the daughter of a dissident executed by the communists, was arrested under a stupid pretence – she defaced a news picture of Josif Visarionovič Stalin. In most societies this would be an unimportant prank, but in a corrupted totalitarian system her act serves as an excuse for total repression.

So everyone connected with Boženka and her act, including those whom it was necessary to supress or remove, become victims of the police machinery. All of them talk when beaten in the police cell, saying whatever the police want them to say just to end the torture.

First to come are Boženka’s classmates and teachers. And not even communist officials are left out. But you can’t send a school politruk to court. However, StB agents had their own ideas about how to deal with such cases, adapted from long-term experience of their Soviet comrades.

Finally all the participants of the invented anti-communist conspiracy are broken and confess to anti-state activities. Boženka and two of her classmates are tied up and beaten in the police torture room. A fourth victim is the teacher (Alexandra Wolfe, acting on the other end of the cane for the first time), who is a committed communist. Later we witness much more brutal methods, so that all the involved are broken and sign “voluntary” confessions.

The most difficult and defiant person is Boženka’s English-speaking classmate, Nikolaja Laudonová (played by the great Niki Flynn). The agents seem to be thwarted here, but they have advisers. The Soviet counselor suggests to them what to do next: the physical tortures are replaced by psychological terror tactics that eventually break Nikolaja down. And what happens next? At the end of movie we learn the fates of the individual characters.

A pretty gloomy, depressing story, isn’t it? Although you struggle against such terror and you tremble with anger and disgust at the malicious and inhuman methods of the secret police, you see the authentic details and you can enjoy an uncensored view of the practices of these human beasts who live among us without us knowing it. And you can look forward to many beaten bottoms – Jan Zlatoústý as communist executor who breaks canes over the bottoms of poor girls in the police torture room, gives a heroic performance in this movie...

The new movie by Lupus Pictures offers you a wide range of new experiences combined with our good old characteristic features and as special bonus there are interviews with all actresses before/after caning scenes. Don’t miss it!

Bonus: FREE interview with Niki Flynn and others before and after caning scenes.
NOW: digitaly remastered, master quality, perfect, sharp digital video and audio will bring a new experience to viewers in all details.
Length 65 min.