Quirky Way

per aspera ad astra

QW-003 Beauty and the Beast
The blonde braided blue-eyed little girl is definitely not as innocent as her girly face indicates. We meet her at a moment, when she is in her parents’ bedroom, trying to steal money from the family moneybox, so that she can go to a party that evening. She is caught in the act by her uncle – an old mangy douche bag that often strips her with his eyes and has “accidentally” walked into the bathroom while she has been showering on a few occasions.

Big trouble...Not only is she not going to have money for that evening’s party that she looked forward to, a party where everybody was going to be and she just could not miss being there, not to end up being completely absurd, but the old pig is promising to tell her mum…and she is sure to pull her pocket money! She has to get out of the situation somehow...

She begs, asks, but her uncle is adamant. Finally, she gets a saving idea: "then give me a spanking, uncle…pleeeease." She whines and implores. The uncle is reluctant, but finally yields, as he imagines the image of her naked buttocks sticking out at him under his hand. Bend over the knee, stick out the behind, and one blow after another lands on her dug-in cotton girly panties...She did not expect the pain to be that bad...It hurts, it really hurts...She starts to cry and shriek; she asks her uncle to stop; she wiggles her butt to try and escape, but to no avail. Her uncle is in a trance and keeps beating the beautiful behind with all his might – the ass that he has peeped at for so long. And once he has the girl in his power, he takes use of it:

"Stand up and get undressed!" - "Uncle , I’m ashamed...," the scared girl whimpers and holds her spanked hurting butt, but the uncle is skittish over her nakedness and over what she is hiding under her panties. With tears in her eyes, the young niece obeys and her skirt and panties come down. Her uncle is fascinated with the view of her plump pussy.

"Kneel on the bed!" The unhappy girl listens and sticks out her bare butt at the lustful old man. He approaches the bed all hot and again begins to spank the beautiful plump behind of the begging and moaning thief with the all the strength of his hand. The blows fall, the girl cries and begs; her butt is red and she does not even care about all the things she is showing him during the spanking. All of a sudden, it’s all over.
"There. And you’ll put the money back!" But...that cannot be right...She did not get such a spanking for nothing! She needs the money, she has to go to the party...The way that douche bag watched her, how he stared between her legs and at her pussy, he probably wants...Pig...Hmm...And if he does not want it...Well, it is disgusting, but it is worth the money...

"Uncle , we’ll figure something out..."
"What…what are you doing...!!" The girl is burning all her bridges. She leans toward her uncle and unzips his fly. She takes his „thing“ in her hand and then starts to lick his old penis. After a while, she finds out that it will work…Nobody is saying anything, everything is clear...The girl gives the old man a blow job and then lies down on her back, rolls up her shirt so he can see her small breasts, and spreads her legs wide in a resigned gesture.

The trembling man stares at her. He approaches quickly. Penetration. He lies on her and thrusts, grunting, and thrusting his horny penis into her young juicy pussy...The girl turns her head away...The old man is in ecstasy. Ejaculation into her. Disgusting. But it is all past her. The man gets up…

"And make sure it never happens again," he threatens and leaves with his drooping genital. The girl gets dressed and slowly everything falls from her. Well, it could have been a lot worse and I have the money for the party! Maybe Robert from the other class will be there...oh…