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LP-021 The Eighth Commandment Remastered
We have managed to save original camera recordings of one of our bestsellers, the “The Eighth Commandment” movie featuring one of our most popular perennial stars Eva Šulistová. This time, you will see really extreme thrashings of two movie sisters, not only on their bottoms, but primarily on their thighs. I guarantee you have never seen such a caning before. On top of this, this terrible punishment, in addition to other thrashings, is preceded by an extremely painful and humiliating enema with a nozzle so thick the doctor did not manage to thrust it into the anus knotted in fear even after a long time and despite all efforts.

But first things first. Our two heroines, lying on their beds in flannel pyjamas with teddy bears, decide they really do not want to take a school test and feign nausea. Their uncle calls a doctor, who examines the girls. First of all, he inserts a finger in a rubber glove and smeared with Vaseline into the anus, until the girls are hissing with pain and turning red. Suddenly, the finger is replaced with a long anal thermometer. Of course, we can see the penetration of the finger and thermometer into the anus knotted in pain in a great close-up.

This is followed by the examination of a belly, when the girls have to strip naked, showing their growing little breasts and bare pussies to both men. But they do not like to examination of the loins at all. Of course, the doctor finds out the girls are feigning illness, but he prolongs the examination and enjoys it. He then bemoans in front of the uncle. They decide to punish the girls, not making them know they have discovered their deception, but they tell them they are sick and have to get an enema – and begin to take the instruments out in front of the girls. They just stare at the bowls, hoses and threatening anal nozzles they should come into their anuses sore after the finger penetration. They are crying they fee better and they do not want an enema.. nothing can be done.

The uncle takes their pyjamas off, they have to kneel down on all four limbs, spread out their things, and stick out their bottoms directly in front of a camera. In a close-up, the doctor inserts the thick tube greased with Vaseline into the anus of the first girl, her sister watching it all with her eyes wide open. The doctor releases the pin, and the water starts running into the stuck-out bottom. The girl whimpers and begs she will not stand it anymore, but nothing can be done. Only when the bowl is empty, she is allowed to stand up, still whining, and to shamble to a toilette ignominiously with the top in her anus and bloated stomach.

Meanwhile, both men are stripping her sister. A much thicker nozzle is prepared for, as if a man was trying to penetrate her anus with his erect penis. …in a close-up, the doctor greases her anus with Vaseline, but does not manage to staff the thick nozzle into her anus. The girl groans and begs, the painful attempts are repeated again and again, the doctor crams his two fingers into the anus in order to make it loose, the girl is asked to stick the bottom out as much as possible and to push – and the doctor finally manages to penetrate into the anus with all his efforts at the third attempt. The terrible pain… and the feelings when the prepared enema starts spurting into her immediately afterwards. All of that under the careful supervision of two men... what a shame!

Only when the bowl is empty, she, like her sister earlier, has to shamble to a bathroom on her own, with a tube leading from her anus. There she has to wait with the bloated stomach, writhing with pain, until her sister leaves the toilet. A dubious surprise is waiting for the first girl returning from the toilet: another enema! She will not stand it.. she wants to run away, with her bottom naked… but the uncle catches her, bends her over his knee in front of the doctor and spanks her on her bottom. The girl finally has to stick out the red bottom in front of the men again, and gets the top in her anus again and the second enema, despite her begging she will not stand it anymore and will burst.

When her sister returning from the toilet sees it, she begins to protest, but she is bent over the uncle´s knee too and the uncle beats her up, while she is screaming, apologising and begging. And she has to kneel down on all her four limbs, and he thrusts the thick pin into her red caned bottom and she is screaming. And we can see the water running into her and her stomach bloating. Again the humiliating way to the toilette, with a tube in her anus, this time she has to relieve herself ignominiously in front of our eyes..

During the terrible enemas, the truth was revealed and the poor girls confessed to the deception.

When the doctor leaves, all gloves are off, and the kneeling girls clasp their hands and beg they will not do it any more. They take a can, hand it over to the uncle, bend over the bedheads and stick out their bottoms for caning.

But it is not enough for the uncle… He forces them to lie down on back on their beds, raise their legs and hold their knees. So they have their bottoms stuck out for punishment, as well as their thighs, and the uncle and the viewers can see clearly details of their pussies, painfully expanded red anuses as well as tearful faces.

The cane is whistling and the first purple weals appear on the snow-white skin, with the first girl crying. The girl screams so loud her sister has to cover her ears. The purple weals appear on the whole bottom and thighs of the caned poor girl, reaching to her knees.. Forty hits were made, and the uncle goes to the other girl, who is shivering with fear.

The beautiful brunette screams from the first hit, even more that her sister. She is screaming, crying, roaring, but the cane hits her again and again and the terrible weals cover the whole bottom and thighs. With the forty hits coming to an end, the poor girl is losing her voice.

Both caned sisters covered with weals are lying on the bed and crying. However, their horror has not ended yet. The uncle forces that to strip naked in front of our eyes and put on their school uniforms. Weals can be seen under the short school skirts. They have to go to school they wanted to skip. But they are going to sit on the swollen bottoms and they will have to face the ridicule of their schoolmates, when they notice the purple weals under their skirts.

We are pleased to offer you this fantastic movie after the years in a digital quality of camera recording, which you will appreciate mainly in close-ups peppering the whole work.

NOW digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture. Length 56 min