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LP-022 Exchange Student Remastered
The second movie from the same school, where our movie star featuring in many movies, Eva Šulistová, was caned for the first time. Today, the superstar can be seen again in the role of a poor caned student, this time along with the international star Niki Flynn, in her first spanking movie!

Niky Flynn, who had won worldwide recognition and remarkable carrier, addressed our production herself, saying she had seen our movies and would like to act in one of them. Finally, it was not the only movie, and Niki came back from England to us several times again. This is her first movie, which was written particularly for her.

The screenwriter naturally used the language barrier, when Nikdy speaks English only and plays the role of an exchange student in a Czech school, where the others talk to her only in the worst and most broken English you can imagine. After all, the sentence of the false headmaster “All dress must down” have become classic over the years.

Unfortunately, Niki is waiting in the headmistress´s office at the same time as an insurance agent. The lecherous good-looker abuses the situation and language barrier, passes himself off as a headmaster, makes the poor girl undress entirely and canes her stuck-out bottom with pleasure. And not only the bottom, but also the thighs, in a position that makes her spread her legs as much as possible and show all her open girlish privates to his lecherous eyes. The caning ends with the hysterical screaming and purple bottom.

The surprised headmistress does not believe the girl´s story so crying and begging Niki is caned again immediately on her aching caned bottom. She is forced to pull her knickers down, bend over the table which is still wet from her tears, and, crying, she is caned for the second time that day. This time, she has to count each hit and thank for each of them!

After caning, the poor weeping student tells the headmistress how she is bullied and harassed by other mates due to her bad knowledge of the language, and we let the viewer look at her suffering in a retrospective movie memory.

The story leads to the call for the mentioned student Eva Šulistová and her friend, a beautiful chubby blonde with a wonderful white bottom, which is soon covered by contrasting red weals. One girl is kneeling in a corner and has to pull her knickers down and wait for spanking with her bottom naked, while the blonde has to bend over the table, pull her school knickers down, hike up the school skirt; every hit of the cane can be seen on the stuck-out lily-white bottoms. In a close-up, tears fall down her cheeks, but neither them nor her scream can stop the caning. She must count the hits, but she almost cannot be understood due to her cry and sobs. She is hysteric but she needs to go through her 40 hits with the cane!

After the weeping girl has been sent to a corner to kneel with her naked red swollen bottom, another, defiant student with a naked bottom and knickers at her knees has to go to the table. She is forced to kneel with her naked knees on the cane, until the cane digs into her knees painfully. Finally, however, she asks for the punishment.

She is forced to bend over, stick her bottom out, spread her legs, and the caning begins. She has to count the hits as well, and thank for every one of them, and her defiance vanishes soon. It is difficult for her to count, eyes filled with tears. After the fourteenth hit, the headmistress breaks the cane on her bottom.

For the poor girl, it means the remaining hits will be given with a new, much thicker cane. She tries to hold and stick out the bottom, which is swollen already and covered with weals; in a close-up, we can see her stuck-out pussy, and it is apparent from the very first hit, that the poor girl did not expect such a caning. Due to her hysteric sobs, she cannot scream which one hit he has got, but she has to go through her 40 hits too. After caning, we can see her firm bottom covered by purple weals in a close-up.

The final scene showing the three weeping kneeling students asking for forgiveness is a fascinating unforgettable finale. The movie has an interesting historic continuation, as we learn before the final titles.

It is the second movie from this classic school environment, where we managed to save the original camera shootings, remaster them digitally and now we have the honour to submit this classic work for the first time in the history in full quality and recognition of the original recording, including the English subtitles and original photogallery. Unfortunately, the original trailer were not preserved, but we believe you will appreciate the opportunity to watch the first movie of Niky Flynn in a digital quality.

NOW digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture. Length 42 min