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LP-018 Teacher's Exam Meeting Remastered
We managed to save and remaster the original recordings of the classic almost one hour lenght school drama “Teacher's Exam Meeting”. The movie, for which special school uniforms, which were used also in several other episodes from the school, where the headmaster punishes guilty schoolgirls on their naked stuck out bottoms in his study, had been designed and tailored. In this movie, you can see the raising stars Eva Šulistová and Adéla Válková playing the role of punished schoolgirls, which are called before the board of teachers to be punished along with two other schoolgirls.

In the waiting room at the headmaster´s office, we can see three wretched schoolgirls wearing school uniforms, waiting, frightened, listening to the scream and cry of their punished friend, which comes out of the office after a while, crying. A look at her whipped bottom moves them to tears.

And the first student is invited to enter the office. She is ordered to bend over the teacher´s desk, pull down the school regulation knickers, and stick out her naked bottom for caning in front of the teachers. The headmaster holding a thick flexible cane takes his time and hits the girl´s formerly snow-white bottom slowly with one blow following the other. Weals appear and the poor girl crying in pain is forced to thank for each stroke. She is ordered to stand with her legs apart, bend over the desk and stick her bottom out, showing also her chubby pussy between her buttocks covered by weals, which can be seen all over her bottom and thighs.

Her painful scream can be heard also in the waiting room, where the two waiting students start crying from fear and think of escaping. Let alone when they see the swollen weals on the bottom and thighs of her schoolmate. However, they have no option but to enter the headmaster´s office. In front of the teachers and an invited schoolmate, they are caned over their palms. Painful screams soon fills the whole office. And that´s just the beginning. The frightened girls are told each of them will get two dozens of blows with a cane on their naked bottoms. One of them does not stand it any longer and pees from fear in front of us. What a shame! Both of them are ordered to kneel down, clasp their hands and ask for caning.

Adélka rolls her skirt up and is about to bend over to be punished. But the headmaster notices her wet knickers. Red from shame, she is ordered to take it off and wipe the spill on the floor. The headmaster notices also the violation of the clothes discipline by the other student – she is ordered to go behind the door with a mistress and, red in shame, to take off the forbidden bra in order to show us her developed breasts. Of course, her punishment is extended.

She has to bend over the teacher´s desk, pull down her school regulation knickers and show her beautiful round chubby bottom to everybody in the room. The bottom is shining in the room, and the knickers need to be pulled down even lower, to her knees. And the blows of the cane start whistling. The girl is not ready for such a pain and cries and screams from the very first blow. She has to thank for each blow too. Ugly red weals appear on the white skin of her bottom and thighs. We can see detailed shots of her tears, tearful face, stuck out chubby bottom and her pussy. The weals are turning purple, getting swollen; the poor girl is crying and screaming. Widened eyes, sobbing mouth, tears running down her face, stuck out outstretched bottom and the chubby pussy between the buttocks. The scream is becoming more hysterical; the sobbing schoolgirl finds it difficult to thank for each blow, we can see also her sexy braces. The caning finally ends. Bawling, with swollen bottom and thighs covered with purple weals, she is ordered to kneel down in the corner.

It´s her wet schoolmate´s turn. She watched the scary execution of her friend with her eyes wide open. She has to bend over the desk too and show her beautiful small firm pink bottom to everybody in the room. The first blow, first thanking, first tears. After several hits, her sobs are turning into scream, tears flooding down her face contorted with pain. She shows us her girlish secret between the slightly opened buttocks covered with red stripes too. In beautiful details, we can see the whole caning; the headmaster canes the poor student without mercy, the weals turning purple, the girl crying, screaming, sniffling. And finally it ends. The bawling schoolgirls with naked bottoms covered with weals are ordered to kneel down and ask for forgiveness.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 58min.