Quirky Way

per aspera ad astra

From the Headmaster's Study: A note for absence
The first student enters the atelier built up particularly for these series. Her beautiful round bottom, hidden under the skirt of the period and snow-white underpants is still full of marks left after the severe caning, which she had to undergo at a whipping post as a misbehaved princess a week ago in shooting our movie “The Fairy Tale”.

You have a unique opportunity to see how the girl´s bottom had changed colours one week after the caning, and you can also see how painful it was for her to be caned over these bruises, with no less than fifty-five cane strokes of cane no. 3.

Student enters the headmaster´s office for punishment. When she hears about the punishment, she falls to her knees in front of the headmaster and tries to persuade him. She begs him not to punish her, because her bottom is still aching after the caning she was given last week. The headmaster forces her roll up her skirt, stretch the knickers a show him the naked bottom. Truly, her beautiful bottom and thighs are full of colours; it is obvious that she got a severe caning, all bruises and weals. But this is not the reason for postponement of the punishment.

The student must humbly bring the third out of four hardest canes to the headmaster; the canes are hanging on the wall, ready for misbehaved schoolgirls. Before the caning, she is sent to take a pee into porcelain potty so that she does not pee during the caning. The command itself is very humiliating for the girl; however, red with shame, she follows it and takes a pee, with all the ignominious sounds heard.

And then she has to bend over the punishment bench, roll up her skirt, pull down the underpants and stick out her beaten-up bottom in front of the headmaster. She is tied to the bench firmly with leather belts, her legs outstretched, so viewers can see all her body. The caning begins; the first hits of the cane fall uncompromisingly, the poor schoolgirl shouts with pain and tugs the cuffs from the very beginning. Moreover, she is forced to count the hits herself. Despite sobbing and shouting, she often cannot be understood and must correct herself.

After twenty hits, she is even unable to count and only screams from pain. The detailed shot show us swollen weals appearing on the stuck-out bottom, tears flooding down her cheeks; we can hear her miserable cry and begs. The first twenty-five hits for being late were given already, and the second part of the caning for a fake excuse begins. At the end of the second 25 hits, she only cries, her face tearful, bottom full of weals. At the end she gets extra five hits, the swollen bottom coloured in purple. After the caning, still crying, with her naked bottom, she goes kneeling on a washboard. When she is finally released, she degradingly has to take the full potty with her.

As a bonus for this movie, you will get a free uncut recording of the whole caning with a detailed shot of the bottom with all hits of the cane.

This is the first time after the lapse of more than ten years from the creation of this classic work we offer this to in a digitally remastered format, in full camera recognition in a way you have never seen a movie before.

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 32min.