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The Fairy Tale Digitaly Remastered
Do you like tales about princesses? About misbehaved princesses? Do you always miss something in such tales? A real caning? So you will see two of them today.

How would such a story begin? Well, perhaps like this: Once upon a time there lived three beautiful princesses in a castle with their mother, an evil queen. Do you like the story? We hope you will enjoy it. Two sisters, beautiful twins, do not like their third sister much. They set her up so that she is blamed for a broken vase. They know what is awaiting her. However, the princess gives a ducat to a beautiful maid to collect the broken pieces and not to say anything. But the poor girl does not know what it means for her.

On the queen´s order, the wonderful brunette is dragged off to the castle prison, where her clothes are torn off by a brute servant in front of a lecherous powdered decked-out major-domo, so the hands of the lecherous caretaker can enjoy her naked body. After the short pawing, saying “business comes before pleasure”, the begging girl is tied to a whipping post and the servant starts caning her beautiful snow-white bottom.

From the very first hit, the poor girl is begging and screaming, and does not want to say where the vase is. However, it only brings her other caning. She implores and screams, writhing in pain, red weals appearing one after another on the formerly white bottom. When the caretaker orders the servant to take a new, soaked cane and start whipping also her thighs. The poor girl only screams and cries until her bottom and thighs are all whipped, swollen and purple; during the terrible scream, she admits the vase was broken by the princess.

The queen checks the result of the caning and orders to cane the princess in the same way as the maid. The proud princess does not want to humble herself in front of her torturers; she impudently and defiantly calls them to do their job. She undresses in front of them without feeling shame, showing them her beautiful snow-white naked body with small firm breasts and a beautiful round defiant bottom. She is tied to the whipping post and the caning may begin.

From the very first hit, however, the girl´s dignity and defiance gradually disappears and the poor girl starts to scream in pain from the very first hit. She begs she cannot stand it any longer, that it hurts so much, but the cane whistle and the whipping continues with her heart-breaking cry. Finally, her beautiful bottom is all beaten up and the bawling princess only hangs in cuffs and sobs.

The amazingly costumed story ends in the constructed ateliers with a scene located in a throne hall. How does this end? Well, you have to see for yourselves. Before the bell has rung and the story is over…

Digitaly remastered, resolution of the original camera master, i.e. in 720x576 with perfectly sharp picture.
Length 27min.
(Regarding the age of the movies and incomplete archives, unfortunately, we have no subtitles for this movie)

As a matter of interest. One week after the shooting of this tale, the whipped princess played in our next movie, in the first episode of the stories "From the Headmaster's Study: A note for absence", where you can see her bottom covered by bruises, regenerating after this caning – and also how she gets new 55 hits with a cane on the sore bottom.

The maid then plays in the next movie of the same series "From the Headmaster's Study" .

The whipping post was designed and made particularly for this movie on the basis of a model you can see in galleries. It was also used in the "The Great Role" and "The Deep Impact" movies.